SHAR ZARIN, the blue jade princess.... A tribute to Jack Vance novel "Tschaï"
Sun bathing
The prisonner
The flip of one butterfly wing...
My fair lady
A woman for all seasons:autumn, summer,winter, spring
Sometimes only close friend can bring solace
And last came a long awaited night
Mirror, my mirror tel me...
The birth of Venus revisited in 2019
Comme un p'tit coquelicot mon âme...
from a song by Mouloudji
Rogue princess
Storm building up!
The warden at the gate of dawn
They were four carefully chosen among the most talented and, more important, among the fearless. Placed on four cardinal directions around the Temple Tower of Zesh, each one of them had carefully painted on his own body the Sacred Symbols and received from the Priest the crystal of shadows and now, they stand alone at the brim of infinity for  their night duty to contend the evil relentless approach.
The world around them gradually melted into an inconsistent  realm of sheer feelings, moving shapes and swirling colors and above all, of dread and terror. The attack was sudden, violent but also seductive and a painful pleasure to evolve into absolute darkness and anguish.  Then, she new that not all of them would survive. She fought hours after hours but at the brisk of dawn all her vital essence consumed she let her soul go.
At that very moment, among the people of Zesh a woman gave birth in pain....
Dormeuse, amas doré d'ombres et d'abandons ( Paul Valéry)
"Si par hasard
su l'pont des arts
tu croises le vent
le vent fripon
Prudence prend garde à ton jupon...
Tribute to Georges Brassens song
A love of porcelain
Poor sad little girl
Fairy Viviane protecting lakes ans sleeping water

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